Psst! Turn around, we’re right over here!

This community; these people; our gamers continue to amaze and astound me. Not only do we have some of the most friendly and outgoing people frequenting our store on a routine basis – it turns out many of those same people are not only great customers, but generous beyond all reason.

We moved the store – literally across the street – last Wednesday. Our customers and friends (often times one-and-the-same) were instrumental in making the the move quick and painless.

Thanks everyone!

Our new address is 5147 Main St. in Downers Grove. If you happen to head to the old store by mistake, just turn right around and look across Main Street – there we are!

We will be living in a bit of chaos as we get things unpacked and shelved over the next few days – but don’t let that stop you from coming by and checking out the new digs. I think you will really like our new location and more open floor plan.

I know I certainly do.