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New Twitter feed for MtG News

Attention Magic The Gathering Players!

Are you:

  • A last minute planner?
  • A Mom or Dad  who enjoy an hour or two of peace and quiet while your sons and daughters play in our Beginner Friday-Night-Magic Tournaments?
  • Someone looking to Draft after FNM?
  • A MtG aficionado who wants to keep up with Fair Game’s MtG scheduling because, ya just gotta be in the know?

If you answered “Yes” or “Kinda” to any of the above, why not follow the new Fair Game MtG Twitter feed?  @fairgamemtg

You can even set up your twitter account to forward tweets from that account (or any other) directly to your cell phone via text message!

We promise to use this to forward important and timely information regarding MtG related news as it applies to Fair Game. For example, this Friday (Jan 10th) we are unable to run our Beginner’s FnM tournament; we will send a tweet in the regard to notify all players and parents.

The status of drafts after regular FnM are another semi-regular event which may be of interest to many of our players.

Note: we will NOT use this account for marketing or product announcements; just tournament and event info as it applies to MtG at Fair Game.

Innistrad Pre-Release this Sunday!

We will have a coffin full of Innistrad Boosters ready for this Sunday. We will begin taking sign-ups around 3:45PM, with the tournament scheduled to start at 4.

Horror Lurks Within

Innistrad is a plane of menace and dread where every creature hides a darker aspect. Here, hedonistic vampires stalk the shadows to quench their thirst, and the full moon can transform a simple villager into a savage werewolf. Best to huddle inside, Planeswalker, lest the horrors of this world rend you limb from limb.

This tournament cost is $25 and is a Sealed Deck format. Each player receives six Innistrad booster packs to use for building a deck. Fair Game will supply the land.

Prizes will be awarded for the top finishers. Exact details will be determined based on the number of participants. We anticipate a packed house – so figure on some great prizes!

For those of you interested in Magic: The Gathering and how these tournaments work, Sunday would be a great time to see just how awesome it is!


Celebrate: Magic style!


Guess what?

This Saturday is Magic Celebration! Fair Game is celebrating the 18+ years that Magic: The Gathering has been around by running FREE Mini-Masters tournaments all day! Come in, sign up and have some Mini-Masters fun!

Don’t know what Mini-Masters is?

Simple to explain – fun to play.

In Mini-Masters, you get a 2012 Booster pack and 3 each of the basic lands. You open your pack, shuffle in your land (WITHOUT LOOKING!) and play with the cards you have. That’s it. The fates of the Wizards will dictate the cards you get, but your play abilities will guide you towards victory.

Starting at noon on Saturday, come on in and get paired off in 8 person tournaments; single-elimination style. Each tournament you win gets you a new pack and an advance to the next round where you do it again. Win all three tournaments and you’ll get ANOTHER pack to take home.

We will play until we run out of packs; and don’t bother asking how many we have because I won’t tell you 😉

See you Saturday!

Fair Game now does MtG Pre-releases!

Fair Game is now certified/qualified/insane enough to run pre-release events for Magic the Gathering! We will be starting the process off with a bang this weekend to introduce the latest block in the Mirrodin set “New Phyrexia”. Our first event will take start at MIDNIGHT this Friday, May 6th!

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New Arrival: Mirrodin Besieged

Mirrodin Besieged has landed!

Now available at Fair Game: The latest release in the Magic The Gathering block- Mirrodin Besieged.

We have truckloads of boosters ready to be broken open and new mysteries discovered. Come on in and grab a few.

In the name of Phyrexia!