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Frantic preparations all around: TABLETOP DAY IS TODAY!


Yowza! March 30th didn’t really sneak up on us, but nonetheless, I’m surprised to see it here.

Today is TableTop Day all around the world! In case you haven’t heard the incessant cries of gamers everywhere, what this means is today is “officially” dedicated to playing games. Fair Game will be hosting all sorts of #FGTableTop shenanigans starting at 11am and ending around 9pm. There will be lots of games to play, achievements to…achieve, and prizes to win.

Also – for you Easter bunny better-late-than-never shoppers, try out something photo (2)a little less sugary for your Easter Basket and buy a small game or two for your little bunnies. Tomorrow (March 31, 2013), Fair Game will be closed for Easter (and to allow us some time to recoup from Spring Break and build some new Warmachine play surfaces!) so plan ahead!


Red leader, Check Your Six! (or fifteenth)

Star-Wars-X-Wing-Miniatures-Horton-SalmWelcome to 2013! The first year in many previous years to contain 4 different digits. Near as I can figure, the last year to feature that was 1987; which is amazingly 26 years ago. But I digress…

Time speeds along at a breakneck pace. Fair Game has now been open for business for just over two years. Wow! We have learned a lot in the last 24 months; moved locations; hired some new people – and continue to marvel at how each new customer brings a new piece to our retail game. Still having fun too. Which – let’s face it – is kind of what we are all about anyway.

Speaking of fun – if you haven’t had a chance to sit down and play some of the new games we have on our demo shelves, do yourself a favor and stop in. We continually add new games – which sometimes may get lost among the plethora of other demos we have packed on the shelves. One game in particular has really taken us by storm – Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures. This gem combines fast Lucas-inspired “aerial” combat with wonderfully detailed miniatures and typical Fantasy Flight flair. A game can take from 20 minutes to over an hour depending on the number of ships in play. Players can field a variety of Star Wars favorites including the X-Wing, Y-Wing, Tie fighter and Tie Fighter Advanced. More ships are on the horizon too – with the Millennium Falcon, Slave One, A-Wingand the Tie Interceptor predicted to arrive any week now.


For those of you already familiar with X-Wing Miniatures (or anyone else ready to jump on board), Fair Game will begin a league event starting Tuesday, Jan 15th at 6pm. The event, titled “The X-Wing Map League of Universal Domination!” will run over a period of four weeks. During the event, participants may play in battles against opposing factions, contesting regions throughout the known Star Wars Universe. Certain regions will gain the controller bonuses for as long as that region remains in their hands.


Although the event officially kicks off on a Tuesday, players can meet at Fair Game any time we are open to play officially sanctioned leagues games – reporting their results as soon as they are done. With any luck, I will have a web page showing the results in <sort of> real time.

If you would like more information, please send us an email or stop on in.

May the Force be with you!


Stoke the ‘jacks and charge!

I goofed and should have posted this a week ago, but I was too busy riding my bike from Durango to Silverton, Colorado in the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic. In any event, I’m back here in the land of oxygen rich air and just remembered that we are hosting a War Machine Game Day this Saturday, June 2nd!

War Machine – for those of you who aren’t familiar with this awesome game system – is a skirmish level miniatures game. The matches play fast and furious on a 4 foot square table. Each player takes command of troops, magicians and mechanical constructs attempting to best their opponents in the legendary Iron Kingdom.

As in many miniature games, their is more to War Machine than just playing and “smashing face”; there is the joy of building and painting the miniatures, making terrain and absorbing yourself in the fantastically detailed back story.

Come out this Saturday, June 2, and try your hand at commanding a small army at Fair Game. We will have a group of experienced tutors and enthusiasts eager to introduce new players to the hobby.


Gen Con Highlights: Ready, Set, Paint!

Gen Con is more than just games – it is also about the people. The places. The events.

One of my favorite events – both as spectator and participant – is Speed Painting.

In Speed Painting, each participant has 45 minutes to fully paint a (prepped and primed) miniature. You don’t see the mini until minutes before the timer starts, so there is no “preparing” per-se. Grab a brush, mix some paints and start slathering it on.

Yup – I said slathering.

Truth be told, slathering is usually my technique. I’m just happy to be sitting down for 45 minutes, painting a figure I probably normally wouldn’t buy, trading stories with the people near me and being heckled by the organizer and crowd. It really is quite fun.

However – the winners don’t slather. They manage to paint up miniatures with remarkable detail and creativity given the absurd time limit.

This year seemed to be typical at the speed painting arena; although I wasn’t planning on entering due to conflicts in timing, fellow gamer, painter and friend, Jon, was poised for greatness.

Jon and I have been entering these events for years. Sometimes placing in the finals – maybe drawing a 2nd place here and there (more so for Jon – he is a better painter than I overall) but nothing earth-shattering.

Until this year. This year Jon earned a spot in FOUR TWO finalist events – which is pretty darn impressive. Out of those four, he placed FIRST in two of them.

I’m quite proud of him. A bit odd, I know – but being a father of 3 boys, I’ve learned to be proud of other people – be it little league, piano recitals or speed painting.

Interspersed within this post are some of Jon’s entries. His two winning entries are shown at the end. And – despite the fact I don’t think they need it – I will also present a caveat from Jon himself:

“Keep in mind that they are speed painted and when you take closeup pictures you really see where the flaws are.”

Ya Jon, whatever. I would be happy to have these results after 4.5 hours, let alone 45 minutes.

Edit: Jon sent me an email correcting a couple of mistakes:

  1. He only qualified for two of the finals (corrected above)
  2. For the Wyrd miniature final (The Geisha) Jon technically took 2nd place. The first place winner was a professional however, who graciously passed her prizes to the next in line – Jon.

Also – I completely forgot to mention that Jon will be hosting a series of painting classes at Fair Game starting on Monday, August 29th – see this link to sign up, or just send an email to the store.

Winner #1

Winning entry 1



Winning Entry 2