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Recycling bytes


At the risk of appearing lazy, I would like to recycle an old post I did last year regarding the fantastic role-playing game Fiasco.

Why recycle? Two reasons actually – first, the wonderfully produced and insightful video show TableTop recently ran a two part episode on the game. The host Wil Wheaton and his guests Alison HaislipBonnie Burton, and John Rogers go through a play session of Fiasco with hilarious and amazingly PG rated results (and yes, I snarfed Wil’s image for this post. I thought it captured an interesting form which subtly hints at the warped image the game often portrays. I hope you don’t mind Wil.)

My second reason for rehashing my love of this game is due to the rapidly approaching event known as Gen Con. 2012 is poised to be the best Gen Con yet, both in terms of the event itself and my personal enjoyment. We have a huge group of customers, friends and customers-turned-friends attending this year which means even more gaming mayhem with the people I adore.

And I promise you, Fiasco will definitely be hitting the table at the convention – at least once.

Do yourself a favor – watch the episodes, recycle my post, and play this game. You won’t regret it!


Gen Con Highlights: Periscope depth

WARNING: This post is rated PG-13. I have accepted the editorial responsibility to bring this entry to you uncensored and raw. Be warned, expletives and bad grammar ahead!

My name is Martin Schwartz. Herein you will find my account of the events which transpired on the USN Submarine SS-495, “Saddleback” on or around June 2nd, 1941. I write this of my own volition and free will. To the best of my knowledge, everything contained within this description is accurate and true.

The Navy recruiter promised me an easy tour – one in the South Pacific, well out of the way of the Krauts and their damned ships and Stukas. The extra pay for working on a sub was an added bonus; a guy can always use more cash ya know? So I signed the dotted line and sealed my fate.

Somehow my asshole brother ended up on my boat. Stephen loved to rub his education in my face at any opportunity – and I don’t think it coincidental that his “experiment” on a tropical island required an escort involving my boat. In any event, 5 days ago we moored off the shore of an uncharted island, while Captain sent a rowboat to the beach and picked up a bunch of civvies – including my damned brother. All of them a bunch of doughy schoolboy types except for one; Lars. And ya know what? Lars turns out to be our Executive Officer’s son and some Navy bigwig! Again – coincidence? No way.

So the next thing I know we’ve overloaded our boat with my brother, 4 scientists and the XO’s kid – all for reasons no one could talk about due to “national security”.
Eh – makes no difference to me. I keep the engine running, and the craps game flowing. I’m sure Cap’n is following orders like the rest of us. Even with an extra six bodies on board, things weren’t too bad as we were able to steam on the surface – heading east all ahead full for destination unknown.

It was 12hrs later that the shit hit the screws.
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