Get Bit!

2-6 Players
Ages 8+
10-20 minutes

On the surface (see what I did there?) Get Bit! may appear to be just another goofy card game. But once you give it a play, it becomes apparent that there is far more depth (ok, ok – no more puns).

Get Bit! is, at the core, a bluffing game – with a good dose of strategy and a bit of luck thrown in. You are in control of a swimming robot (yup – a robot); who is doing it’s best to survive a foray into the ocean with up to 5 of his comrades. A hungry shark comes along and begins chasing after the hapless mechanical constructs – every turn eating a limb off one of the poor robot heroes.

Your goal is to make sure each of your robot companions are devoured before you are; because it’s known that robot eating sharks only have enough room in their stomachs for one less than the number of robots swimming…

Get Bet! comes in a small box and consists of a deck of cards, 6 pull-apart plastic robot swimmers and one plastic shark.  Each player will receive one swimmer (blue, green, purple, red, white or yellow) and a deck of cards numbered 1-7 (depending on the number of players). The plastic swimmer figures are placed in random order along a straight line on the table, with the shark at the end.

Each turn the players choose one card from their hand and place it face down in front of them – revealing their value simultaneously after everyone has chosen.

The lowest number revealed is placed at the head of the line, then the next highest number is placed at the head of the line, etc. Players who play a value which ties another player will not move. After all cards are revealed and the swimmers are moved, the one at the back of the line (nearest the shark) loses a limb.

Go ahead – pull it off – that’s part of the fun!

After your swimmer is bitten, you get to move to the front of line (sans a limb) and take back your discarded (used) cards – ready for use during the next turn.

If the shark ate the last limb on your swimmer, your robot can no longer paddle and is devoured by the shark!

Therein is the entire rule set for Get Bit!

Simple, quick and surprisingly strategic.

Easily played by kids – with little “handicap” necessary to adjust for age differences, Get Bit! will make a great gift and easily packed travel game.