Rory’s Story Cubes

Rory’s Story Cubes
At least 1 player
Ages 8 and up(so says the box – I maintain you can play this easily with much younger)
6-60 Minutes

This might just be the perfect game.  Small, inexpensive , simple and limitless re-playability.

A pretty bold statement for a game which consists of 9 unique six-sided dice and a box to hold them in, right? let me explain. In Rory’s Story Cubes, each player takes a turn rolling the ‘story cubes’. That player then forms a story based on the icons shown on each cube face.

That – in a nutshell – is it.

Why, you may ask, do I feel that this is such a remarkable game? From first glance to execution, this game invites the player to explore without fear of doing something wrong. It is a classic example of the “whole being more than just the sum of its parts”. The small box (which closes neatly with a magnetic flap)  in which the game comes in doubles as play surface for ‘rolling on the go’.  The rules (“suggestions for play”) are printed right inside the box cover. The dice are high quality and boldly show their icons. The whole package can fit in your back pocket.  By all rights, there is way to much imagination-building fun contained within such a small package.

Every family should own this. Got a spare 5 minutes before bed? Throw the dice and tell a story. Challenge your son or daughter to tell a different story based on the same roll, or let them roll and tell one. Continue last night’s story with a new roll. Trying to keep the kids occupied while waiting at the restaurant? Break these out – roll one die in the box and begin the story. Pass the box and the die, roll another and build on that story. Ask your server to contribute – or the family waiting next to you!

Every gamer should own a copy of this. Looking for a quick game while you friends are playing something “serious”? Throw down the Story Cubes. Has your RPG group come to a point where things are stagnating? Roll the cubes. Party game? Cubes! This game fits almost anywhere – both physically and mentally.