2-8 Players
Ages 8+






To discuss this game at length would be silly – and unnecessary. Timeline is a quick-to-learn and fast-to-play card game romp through history. Each player is trying to empty their hand of cards by placing them (individually) on the table.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Well – the complication comes from the fact that to successfully rid yourself of a given card, it must be placed next to or between other cards which are ordered sequentially in time. What was invented first, the steam engine or microwave oven (easy!), how about the printing printing press and the piano?

Each of the 109 cards included with Timeline are different – and all depict an important invention spanning  the years from well before the dawn of the Common Era to modern devices. Each player will – in turn – take one card from their hand (player’s choice) and place that on the table before, after or between cards already present. Then the recently placed card is flipped over to reveal the date in which the item depicted was invented.

If the player successfully inserted their card within the timeline, it remains on the table, making it more challenging for the next person to find the correct spot for one of their cards.

If the card placed does not lie within the proper sequence, it is discarded and the active player is forced to draw another card from the unusedpile and passing the turn.

The first player to rid their hand of all cards wins. It is that simple – and immensely fun.

The short play time and easy-to-understand concept make this an ideal game for anyone. Hard-core games can use Timeline as a ‘filler’ game, while casual gamers can play without feeling overwhelmed by strategic decisions and pages of rules.

New editions have been promised including discoveries and events which should prove just as enjoyable to play.