Girls and Games – a match made in Downers Grove


Thursday, October 2nd is Girl’s Night Out in Downers Grove – the annual event geared towards the ladies.

If you find yourself shopping in DG that night, be sure to drop in at Fair Game and check out what we have to offer. From serious to silly, we have games to fit any occasion or group.

You don’t even have to be a girl!


Ride your bike to your FLGS day!








Ok, so not really a thing – but if you are planning on coming out to the store today (Sunday, July 27th) be aware that the best method of transportation would indeed be a bicycle.

After a five year hiatus, Downers Grove has yet again become a destination for bike racers far and wide. The Prairie State Cycling Series comes to our town and revisits one grueling criterium. All day today the cyclists will be orbiting downtown – it’s a great event to spectate. In fact, the sprint to the finish will start right in front of our store!

Be aware however that parking in town will be scarce at best. Limited access to the parking garage will be granted between heats – but may fill up completely.

If you are a fan of cycling, or at all interested – I strongly suggest coming out to watch. And stop in to say “hi”at the store!


Thanks and a review

Hey all,

Thank you SO much for making our first (but not last!) Fair Game garage sale a complete success! It was a lot of work, a bit harrowing, but a lot of fun! We will certainly do it again next year.

On a completely unrelated note, I came upon a nice review of a great cooperative game that my family has really taken a liking to – Flash Point Fire Rescue. Have a look!



June is garage sale month!

If you have games gathering dust in the basement, why not set them free and refresh your collection at the same time? Fair Game will host a garage sale weekend on June 14th and 15th. But instead of rusty tools, baby clothes and 8-track tapes, all you will find at our sale is fun!

If you are interested in selling your underused games, bring them in anytime after June 9th along with a completed sales form you can find here. We will be putting the games out on Saturday, June 14th. Any games not sold on Saturday will be put back out on Sunday, June 15th for half price.

All sales will be collected by Fair Game and credit issued to the owners. All unsold games not picked up by June 23rd will be given to charity.

This is our first year doing this, so we may be a bit inefficient at first – but we think it will be a great event, and a perfect way to find a new home for those neglected games.

Import reminders:

  • Fill out the sales form before bringing in your games
  • We will accept your items starting June 9th
  • All funds will be given to the sellers in the form of store credit
  • Unsold items not picked up by June 23rd will be donated

Turn off your TV and turn on your brain!

Turn off those screens!Don’t let Screen Free Week get in the way of having fun! Reconnect with your kids, while disconnecting from high tech – by playing a board game. Fair Game has a variety of games to fit any interest, genre, group or age. Come in during Screen Free Week, May 5th – 11th, and try out one of our demo games (our library has hundreds!) – bring your whole family. We will  find a suitable game for you that everyone will enjoy.


Achievement Unlocked : Host 2nd Annual Table Top Day!

achievementHey everyone! April 5th, 2014 is the official date of the second annual Table Top Day – made famous by Wil Wheaton and a cadre of gamer nerd phenoms. Like last year, Fair Game will have a dozen or so achievements to make the laborious task of playing games all day a bit… tolerable, because – you know – playing games is SO much work.

Come on in on Saturday, April 5th.

Play games.

Earn achievements.


Who can refuse?


TableTop Day : April 5th!



International TableTop Day is a celebration for all the fans of tabletop gaming. A single day where the whole world is brought together in a common purpose of spending time together and having fun.

Fair Game would like to be part of your Table Top Day experience.  Stop on by for a few minutes, or stay all day. We will be gaming pretty much non-stop from 10am until 9pm!


Too cold for games? Fair Game closed Jan 27th

Well, not really. Hopefully all of you have a nice selection of games in your nice warm homes to keep you company for the next few days. Fair Game will be CLOSED on Monday, January 27th due to the extreme weather.

Stay warm, and game hearty!



New Twitter feed for MtG News

Attention Magic The Gathering Players!

Are you:

  • A last minute planner?
  • A Mom or Dad  who enjoy an hour or two of peace and quiet while your sons and daughters play in our Beginner Friday-Night-Magic Tournaments?
  • Someone looking to Draft after FNM?
  • A MtG aficionado who wants to keep up with Fair Game’s MtG scheduling because, ya just gotta be in the know?

If you answered “Yes” or “Kinda” to any of the above, why not follow the new Fair Game MtG Twitter feed?  @fairgamemtg

You can even set up your twitter account to forward tweets from that account (or any other) directly to your cell phone via text message!

We promise to use this to forward important and timely information regarding MtG related news as it applies to Fair Game. For example, this Friday (Jan 10th) we are unable to run our Beginner’s FnM tournament; we will send a tweet in the regard to notify all players and parents.

The status of drafts after regular FnM are another semi-regular event which may be of interest to many of our players.

Note: we will NOT use this account for marketing or product announcements; just tournament and event info as it applies to MtG at Fair Game.

A year behind, a year ahead

IMG_4471Happy 2014 everyone!

2013 has left the building, please move along.

Fair Game has chalked up another year on the books – graduating from the terrible twos, to the challenging threes. We are growing up!

Part of growing is looking forward to changes – but as a toddler we still need help from those around us. We are considering a few changes at the store and some new additions to our product lines. We are also starting to outgrow our current point-of-sale system and inventory control, so may take the leap at an infra-structure change this year (that will likely come with a few blog posts of it’s own if it happens). Any advice from retail owners out there would be eagerly devoured!

In terms of some expected changes, here is a quick list:

  • We are adding more board game tournaments this year – for example, Ticket to Ride (1/11), Game of Thrones (1/18), and 7 Wonders (1/25) will be featured this month.
  • Sometime in February we will be hosting a game auction. The comedic drama which unfolds when Eric, Amy or I take on the role as auctioneer should be priceless.
  • Role playing games continue to be an enigma for the business. Despite the fact that we all LOVE RPGs, they just do not generate the same type of business that the other gaming genres do. We have no solution to this yet – but it will likely involve more diverse content and possibly some organized play.
  • Miniatures have been a standout hit for us – Warmachine / Hordes specifically. We are strongly considering adding another line – and looking carefully at small scale (squad level) systems. Let us know if you have a favorite!
  • We will have some fixture changes coming – we have already switched all of our lighting to LEDs. Look forward to some ceiling fans and some more lighting in certain darker places.

Finally, it is with a heavy heart that I learned of the closing of our neighborhood toy store, “My Favorite Toy Store”. This is a huge blow to our town and also to Fair Game. Our two stores complimented each other quite well – there was rarely a day we didn’t meet a new customer who was referred to us by them, and similarly we frequently would send people over their way in order to find a toy or puzzle. Our two stores were symbiotic, and like the hydra who loses a head, Fair Game will be weaker without them around.

Mike – I wish you all the best in the future!