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Panic! Chaos! Christmas!!

Well look at that. Twelve months have gone by – Fair Game is a feisty one-year-old!

That’s amazing in a number of ways – but not the main point of this post. Nope, this post is about YOU, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, who have just realized that Christmas is a few days away and there are some presents to be procured. Do yourself a favor and come on down to Downers Grove and check out what is happening in our town. We have a wonderful selection of independent shops – Teas, Toys, Spices and Gifts. Treats and lunch as well!

Of course Fair Game has, what we consider, the best gift of all- interaction. Come grab a game for that person for whom you “just don’t know what to get”. Mom and Dad are hard to shop for? We’ll find you something they will love. Kids playing games you have no idea about? Come on in and we’ll talk you through it.

We have a bunch of gift suggestions hiding up in that “Parties & Gifts” menu – games for families, kids, traveling, 2-players and large groups. Gifts for the ‘serious‘ gamer, and fans of science fiction and horror movies. Game themed stocking stuffers and accessories for role players round out our suggestions.

Even if you can’t be bothered to check those lists out, here is our the top 5 ‘quick! I need a gift’ ideas:

ELEMINIS – a very simple to learn card game for kids and adults alike. Try to collect one of each Elemini while thwarting your opponents. Cute characters and no hand management make this an idea game for younger and older gamers alike.


RORY’S STORY CUBES – Do I need to say even more about the game which a popular gamer reviewer said “This might just be the perfect game.” Wonderful.


TELESTRATIONS – The game that is guaranteed to turn any group, into a party! A combination of Pictionary and telephone, players alternate drawing and guessing simple pictures in an attempt to determine the original idea. Hilarity ensues.


QUACK IN THE BOX – If you are looking for a gift intended for a doctor or someone in the medical profession (and they have a sense of humor!), this card game is perfect. As a greedy doctor, your goal is to make as much money as possible without being sued for medical malpractice.


– just like butter for your pancakes, or oil for your car – every gamer needs accessories. Dice, card sleeves, binders and books. Miniatures, paints and brushes.  Come in and pick out a few things to compliment your gamers hobby.


Finally – even if you are one of those who has managed to finish gift buying months ago, stop on by and wish us a happy birthday!

I hope you all have a happy, safe and fun holiday.