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Pilgrimage – Fair Game CLOSED for 4 days!

In case I haven’t made it clear in most of my previous posts- Fair Game was opened primarily as a vehicle to spread our love of games to other people within the community and beyond. Eric, myself and my family are all gamers through-and-through. Our store was opened out of passion, not capitalism.

We really love games.

In that regard, we are closing Fair Game for 4 days starting Thursday August 16, and re-opening on Monday August 20. These are four very important days for gamers throughout the country – and indeed the world. The convention known as GenCon has come around again. We decided that as important as it is to “run a business,” it is still secondary to our enjoyment at playing games with good friends and fellow gamers – so it wasn’t too hard of a decision for us to close down during the convention.

If you can spare the 3 hour drive from Downers Grove, come on down to Indy and check out the convention. It has something for everyone! I plan on playing boardgames, Warmachine and others until my eyes are drooping from fatigue. Four days straight. I will also be tweeting random thoughts and photos as I experience the ‘con, so if you are interested make sure you follow us by clicking the button on the right, or clicking .

If you do come down and happen to see us wandering around with a Fair Game T-Shirt, make sure you stop and say ‘hi!’.