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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Fair Game has been a fixture in Downers Grove for a short 18 months so far – and we continue to have fun every day. Meeting new people, learning new games and introducing our fellow human beings to the joy of companionship and friendly competition.

When we first opened the store we really did not know what to expect. I knew our idea was solid and simple – enjoy what we sell and our customers will enjoy what they buy. Although we were a bit sketchy on the specifics, our general feeling was that the business was viable and would succeed.

So far, so good!

One unexpected dilema we encountered was that of event space – square footage for our tournaments and big events. We just don’t have enough. Of course, we wanted as much space as possible – but we also really wanted a downtown location; near the heart of Downers Grove and our community. However, one of the worst feelings we have now is turning players away from some of our events because we can’t fit in more people.

So an opportunity has come for us to move into a bigger location. Not huge mind you, but a definite improvement, and within a short walk from our current store – so still near the heart of downtown Downers Grove.

We are hoping to move soon, and are working with our current landlord who has been gracious enough to help us find another tenant. As soon as that happens, we will gloriously announce our new location and begin the arduous task of refurnishing,  packing and relocating.

Moving on up!