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Three year anniversary sale!


Quick Update: Fair Game will open at 9am on Friday, November 29th (otherwise known as Black Friday Our Third Anniversary)


As many of you know, Fair Game was opened on a Black Friday – almost three years ago! Blowing past our terrible twos, we are looking forward many more years of bringing great games and family fun to the Western suburbs.

In celebration, we are having a sale on November 29th featuring the following items:
Laser Maze – 20%
Wangle – 20%
Hello Sunshine – 20%
Orchard – 20%
Rise of Augustus – 20%
Pathfinder Minis – 20%
Selected Heroclix – 30%
All Playing Cards – 10%
Field Notes – 10%
All RPG Books and supplements – 10%
Select reaper bones – 30%
All FFG LCG – 20%
Plus, below is a coupon good for 30% any full-price item in the store.
Click, print and bring it in!

(note: this sale, and the coupon, are good for November 29th only)


Chestnuts roasting, X-Wings flying

We are rapidly coming up to our two year anniversary here at Fair Game – and like we have done in the past, we will celebrate with a Black Friday sale. Details are a well-guarded secret that will not be revealed until the day before via email (so if you are not already on our email list, sign up over there on the right).

Steeped in mystery, the Black Sale Seance is held each year to determine which products will achieve “sale status”. In all honesty, I cannot recall what occurs during these events since our minds are erased after each one. I’m sure it involves incense and eggnog however.

In any event, I have prepared a gift guide for those of you who have a gamer to buy for. This is just a itsy-bitsy tiny sampling of the games we carry and recommend, so if you still can’t think of something after perusing it, come on in and ask. We love to talk about giving games as gifts!

You can access the 2012 Gift Guide right here.