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It's back! Azul is a beautiful game where players draft sets of tiles to complete patterns on their wall. Develop strategies and anticipate the other players' selections to score the most points. We love in love with Azul since its original appearance on our shelves several months ago, and now its back with a new edition!

Azul is a great fit for 2-4 players ages 8+


Genesys is the latest big roleplaying game to hit the market! The system uses "narrative dice" that inform skill checks more than the binary pass/fail systems that most RPGs use. Genesys also allows a huge amount of flexibility when crafting your world. Do you want to run a game where players are cyberpunk hackers? What about a game where players hop between dimensions in a VW Beetle while playing '90s rock music? Genesys has you covered.

Genesys requires one game master and at least one (and probably more) players.


Charterstone, the brand new title from Stonemaier Games, is a worker placement/resource management game that uses the “legacy” format from games like Pandemic Legacy or Risk Legacy. One to six players will play a series of games that a form a campaign ... as they play, the story will develop and the board will transform based on their decisions. 

Charterstone is a game for 1 to 6 players from ages 14+


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