The Growth (and Problem) of Counterfeit Games


ERIC BREZINA // JANUARY 24, 2018 Two weeks ago I came across an interesting interview of Christian Pedersen, the CEO of Asmodee North America. (For those that aren’t aware, Asmodee is, by far, the largest board game company in the US, controlling titles such as Ticket to Ride, Catan, Pandemic, Fantasy Flight Games and a slew of others)  In the interview, Christian explored the growing problem of counterfeiting in the gaming industry and the resulting impacts and dangers.  You can read […]

Learning from Amazon


ERIC BREZINA // OCTOBER 30, 2017 I was in New York City recently and took the opportunity to stop in to see one of Amazon’s newer physical retail stores, located on 34th St right across from the Empire State Building.  Given the primary commentary across the retail industry this year is how Amazon is crushing all the “Brick & Mortar” retailers who have a physical location, I’ve been curious to see how the “King of internet retail” approached the challenge of […]

Things I Learned from the Alliance Open House


ERIC BREZINA // SEPTEMBER 11, 2017  A couple weeks ago, I spent a weekend in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, attending the Alliance Game Distributors Open House and I thought it might be fun/useful to share a few things from my trip with the Fair Game community about some of the things that I learned and the new games I was able to play. I had never been to Ft. Wayne before and was pleasantly surprised by the attractive downtown area (lots of […]

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