Fair Game’s 2017 Board Game Garage Sale


Hello Fair Gamers!

We’re continuing the tradition of holding a Garage Sale this year (our 4th year in a row!) and we will be hosting this year’s sale on Saturday, June 3rd and Sunday, June 4th.

We’ve taken in some feedback from the previous owners (thanks, Josh and Amy!!) and will be incorporating a few changes to the process this year which will hopefully make things run even more smoothly.

It works like this: You bring in one of your lightly used board games and pick a price for it. On June 3rd and 4th, we’ll put all of these games up for sale in store. When your game sells, we give you that much value in store credit.

It is a great opportunity to freshen up your game library and turn some games that are collecting dust in your closet into new games you’ve been wanting to try out. And for those folks who like a bargain, this is a great opportunity to find some! Those interested in shopping the Garage Sale will be able to do so during regular business hours on June 3rd & 4th. Everything left on the Sunday the 4th will be 30% off the Saturday price.

The first (and largest) change we’re making this year is in the process of accepting games. BEFORE you bring games into the store to drop off, you need to fill out this Google form FIRST. The form collects basic contact information and a record of the games that you want to sell. We won’t be able to accept your games until you have submitted a completed form. Games must have a price of at least $5.

Once you have filled out the electronic form, drop off our games at the store. We will have you finalize your list of games and complete a small amount of paperwork. All games should be complete and in lightly used condition. If for any reason this is not the case, you will need to attach a sticky note to the item detailing what is missing/damaged.

We’re going to be accepting games beginning May 11th, continuing up until June 1st.  We know everyone keeps crazy schedules, so if it is most convenient to drop the games off this weekend, please do.  If May 31st works best to drop off, great! Just make sure you’ve got the electronic form completed before swinging by.

FAQ’s are attached below and if things are still hazy, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 4th!




What types of items can I sell at the garage sale?  

Any lightly used game that is priced at $5 and above. The only type of item we are not allowing is miniature & miniature games that require significant assembly and painting, like Warmachine/Warhammer.  We’ve had these games submitted in the past and they have never done well.  We also reserve the right to refuse any game for any reason.  We only need so many copies of certain things and want to make sure the games being sold are in good condition.


How should I go about setting prices on my games? 

We always recommend that people “price to sell”.  One change we’re making this year is that we’re AUTOMATICALLY going to make all games that haven’t sold on Saturday 30% off on Sunday.  Remember that most people don’t come to the Garage Sale looking for a particular item, they come looking for a good value.  So price it to sell on Saturday.


What happens if a game doesn’t sell on Saturday or Sunday? 

It happens … if any of your games do not sell, you will have until June 18th to pick up your unsold games, at which point in time they will be donated to charity or to local schools.


My game is really unique – how can I help people browsing the games to understand that? 

We are encouraging people to provide some context and/or color commentary about the games they are selling.  Maybe you added some extra accessories, a custom box insert or there’s a story behind how you acquired this particular gem … feel free to add those details on an index card sized piece of paper.  Use painters tape to tape it to the box when you bring it in (or we can help tape it when you drop it).


How and when do I use my store credit from games I sold? 

Our computer system is able to handle all of this electronically and for the items that are sold, we will add that amount of store credit to your account by June 18th.  No papers or gift cards to keep track of … just purchase what you want and if there’s available credit on your account, you’re free to use it. We fully intend to have all the accounting wrapped up by the 18th and in the event we finish significantly before then, we’ll send out a notice that everything is loaded and ready to be used.


What if a game I purchase has pieces missing or damaged components? 

While we hope that anyone bringing in a game to sell will make note of any issues like those, everything purchased at the Garage Sale is sold AS IS, and would be similar to any other flea market or garage sale purchase you make with no warranties, etc.   If parts are missing, you can reach out to the manufacturers directly, as most are very good about sending out replacement pieces.  We are NOT checking any of the games for quality/completeness or providing any representation of completeness or condition (however if we do get complaints on a game after the fact, we will be keeping track and it might impact that seller’s ability to participate in future Garage Sales).


I found a box of old Magic cards when I was looking for games to sell – do you buy cards? 

Yes – if you have any cards that have been sitting in the closet (under your board games) for a while and you’re interested in selling them, please bring them in.  If you have higher value cards pulled out, we can price those up individually otherwise we’ll be able to give you a “bulk” price for the unsorted/less valuable cards.   We have many customers who have recently swapped their Magic cards for new games.  It’s a fun transaction for them.

Why can’t I sell my game for less than $5?

If While there are many great small, inexpensive games available, we need to put some limits in place to make sure we are able to efficiently received and process the games that come through. (If you wanted to bundle together several smaller games as a package, you are welcome to do that).


I still have some questions that you didn’t answer. Who can I talk to?

If you still have some things you’re not clear on, feel free to give the store a call (630-963-0640), email (fairgamestore@gmail.com) or send a Facebook message.  We’ll be happy to help.